S Corporations on the Web—Home Office

If you are only working from home, and the use is exclusive and regular, you may qualify to deduct expenses for the office space. Just posted: the Home Office segment of a web based CPE class for S Corporations based on the live in-person seminar so you don’t have to travel, and at a reduced cost. Take a look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3ZuW8pFbg8

We’re posting these on YouTube.com so you can watch for free—the information “belongs” to everyone. However, CPE credit costs money (the format, and order that it is presented in, is copyrighted material), plus I think you should be able to sample a seminar before you pay for it. There will be a nominal fee for the CPE credit, or you can make a “contribution” to encourage my behavior (NOT tax deductible). IRS CPE is already available to those who complete the verification sheet (once all the segments are posted). Credit for CTEC will follow—we need to complete the series plus create quiz questions before applying for CTEC approval.

More segments to follow! I’ll also be posting the handout as a PDF as well as the “verification sheet” you’ll need to complete, but only if you want CPE credit.