Where’s my Refund 2

published May, 2009

If you’re expecting a refund and it hasn’t arrived yet, you can check the IRS website https://sa2.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp. You’ll need your SSN, filing status and the exact amount of the refund expected

It takes up to three weeks to get a refund if you e-file, six weeks if you paper file.

Don’t bother checking before7 days after e-filing, or 4-6 weeks if you filed on paper, they won’t have processed your return yet and the website will have no information for you.

For CA Franchise Tax Board, the web address is https://webapp.ftb.ca.gov/Refund/Login.aspx?Lang=en-us and they’ll want some address info, your SSN and refund amount expected.

If you GET an e-mail that says they have a ‘refund’ for you, but they just need you to verify a couple of things, or worse a phone call, it’s a scam. Don’t fall for it. The IRS doesn’t e-mail you to verify your information.

The newest scam is “unclaimed” economic stimulus package payment waiting for you. Something is waiting for you…but it isn’t money.