About Us

Andrew S Rogers, Enrolled Agent, Investment Manager
Andrew Rogers is a professional tax preparer and speaker. He is an expert on small businesses and S-Corporations and presents seminars to other tax preparers, providing them with required Continuing Professional Education on entity tax returns as well as other topics. Andrew also provides well regarded classes for the general public, often for free, encouraging voluntary and accurate compliance with, as well as understanding of, the tax rules and laws at the Federal, State and Local levels. Andrew is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, the National Association of Tax Professionals, and a former board member and President of the East Bay Association of Enrolled Agents. Andrew has clients in multiple states and has been helping people as an Enrolled Agent since 1999. Andrew also assists private owners who have equity stakes in commercial real estate and provides advice on the selection, buying and holding of commercial property in anticipation of earning returns from income and gains as the value of the asset increases and is eventually sold.

Kimberley Rogers, Asset Manager
Kimberley assists clients with the management of their commercial real estate assets, ensuring the best long term return on their investments. Kimberley oversees portfolios of properties with the goal of increasing value while minimizing risk based upon a client or investment strategy. Kimberley typically focuses on higher level strategic decisions and hires/oversees the property management and leasing teams.

Hotai, Logo
The image in our logo is not Buddha. Rather, it is Hotai or the laughing Buddha. According to folklore, if you rub his belly your dreams will come true. Hotai represents good fortune, contentment, happiness, and is guardian of children. His elongated “Buddha ears” may be related to the Buddha’s ears stretched from wearing jewels when he was Prince Siddartha. His round shape and happy smile represents inner wealth and a joy filled soul. He was a real person, a Zen monk who had little regard for dress or living conditions, but was renowned for delighting people with his stories and reciting of Buddhist texts.