Organizing for 2010

published November, 2010

The end of 2010 is just around the corner. The IRS has hired a slew of people and my anecdotal evidence suggests they’re doing more audits—I’m currently working on three. One difference between an EA (me) and an RTRP (the new group starting in 2011) is that an EA can represent clients when OTHER people have prepared the original return. So I’m something like a pinch-hitter if you need me.

Bring your reconciliation up to date, keep a box of business receipts for 2010 (and start a new box for 2011 soon). Consider advancing deductible expenses into 2010 if you can afford it—things like property tax, mortgage payments, etc. Fill out those expense reports and get them posted to your books. Gather missing info for 1099s.

I will be offering a discount on tax return preparation to “early-birds” again this year—a reduced price if you can get me most of your tax materials early. This proved to be quite a popular program last year.