Cash Donations Need Receipts

published January, 2007

Starting in August ’06 going forward, cash donations need a receipt. This is new. If you put money in the church collection plate, you’ll need to do it by check, or get a receipt, if you want to deduct it. (The old law was that you needed a receipt for amounts of $250 or more). Your cancelled check or credit card statement should suffice for a receipt for cash donations.

Clothing and household items must now (as of Aug 17 ’06) be in “good used condition or better.” For single items worth over $500 they may be in less than “good” condition, provided you “include a qualified appraisal of the item WITH THE RETURN” – Oy! (The good news is that it appears you may donate over $500 value, if in “good” or better condition). For the over $500 set, you’ll still need info on the donee, which hasn’t changed. Take a photo of clothing or household goods you want to donate.