W-2 Medical Insurance Reporting

published May, 2012

The IRS has revised the reporting requirements on W-2s. Currently, if you have more than 250 W-2s, you will be required to report“major medical insurance” in Box 12 of the W-2 with Code “DD.” If you have fewer than 250 W-2s, it is optional for 2012 (to be reported January 2013).

More than 2% owners of S Corporations never report their medical insurance paid by the corporation here—it gets added to income on the W-2 (but is not subject to Social Security, Medicare tax, or other non-income tax CA payroll taxes, so you don’t include the amount in the base pay). Make sure your payroll company is doing this properly if your S Corporation is paying your medical insurance. The insurance is generally deductible as self-employed health insurance on the personal return, with some exceptions.