published December, 2010

The IRS included this website in one of their news releases. It is a “rating” site for IRS employees available to the public to read as well as post “reviews” of IRS personnel. There are only three people listed from California, and they have some questionable graphics, but I suppose it is a start. One of my practice groups had been talking about starting a “Book” to keep track of auditors, so we have a head start at audit and know who we’re dealing with (and what approach might be best to help our clients).

It looks like this was put together by a lawyer from Florida, and he has a slew of disclaimers—and they reserve the right to exercise judgment about inappropriate content and delete it. It also appears to be free to use. More dogbones means a better person to deal with, vs. one dogbone “should be fired immediately.” One of the three CA people is “Mr. Alice Coulton” out of Laguna Niguel.